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Back Belt Set with FREE Extra Reusable Heat Pad

Back Belt Set with FREE Extra Reusable Heat Pad

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NEW HotSnapZ Belt Set + FREE 2nd Long Lasting Heat Pad

Buy Belt set of one belt and one heat pad, get the SECOND heat pad FREE!

This new HotSnapz Belt has become a Staff and Customer favorite!
Not only can this apply heat to the lower back area but the easy fastening Velcro straps make it easy to wrap most any part of the body.

This 10" x 7" heat pack is the same as our LGRT Large rectangle reusable HotSnapZ, our largest and longest lasting product.
In our testing, we are able to get 3+ hours of heat when used in the belt pouch.
Fits waist up to 50". Two belts can fastened together for waists greater than 50"

Belt Details:

Length : 52 inches
Height: 5.25" Belt Flaps, 8.625" Mid-section
Easy Velcro belt attachments on both pouch and belt flap.
Heat Pack Pocket: 11" x 8.25" - Velcro enclosure, one side
Embroidered with logo. Allowing customers to find instructions and product support.
Fit waists up to 50 inches. Larger waists can be accommodated by use of two belts.
Multi-purpose, can be used as heat wrap for all body extremities.

LGRT Reusable Heat Pack Detail:

Dimensions: 10" x 7"
Weight: 22 ounces
Rated Heat Duration: 3+ hours/use (*Used as directed)
Safe & Non-Toxic ingredients
Self Regulating Heat temperature - Non-burning
To have extra heat packs purchase more of our LGRT Heat Packs here.

INSTANT HEAT WITH NO ELECTRICITY - Snapping the internal starts to generate instant heat, reaching up to 130 degrees. The internal chemical reaction generates long-lasting heat (about 50-60 minutes for Pocket Warmers, 30 to 40 minutes for Hand Warmers). Heat when you need it fast.

REUSABLE - Stop filling up landfills with disposable hand warmers! Recharge by boiling your HotSnapZ in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove and allow to cool to room temperature. They are then ready for use again and again.

AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - When you first see or show them to somebody, you'll know what we mean. They have the "WOW" effect.

QUALITY - All HotSnapZ product come with a Lifetime Warranty. Selling online since 2003.

HotSnapZ - the rechargeable 'Heat Battery'!

How hot does a HotSnapZ heat pack get?
The chemistry inside HotSnapZ is a safe and self-regulating reaction. The maximum internal temperature reaches 128-130F and typically 115-120F at the surface during normal use. The temperatures that HotSnapZ operate at are considered to be non-burning when used as directed.

What is inside a HotSnapZ pack and how does it work?
• HotSnapZ reusable hand warmers and instant hot packs contain water, a small metal disc and sodium acetate, a safe food grade salt ingredient.
• The clicking of a disk within the pad triggers the precipitation of the sodium acetate crystals. When the crystals precipitate, it releases the energy that was required to initially dissolve it and stored in the pouch.
• The release of energy raises the temperature to a maximum temperature of 130F (54C). The process is theoretically repeatable indefinitely. HotSnapZ are a sodium acetate hand warmer.

Are the contents of HotSnapZ safe?
• Yes. The contents of each HotSnapZ are Safe, Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous. (Water and Sodium Acetate)

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"These HotSnapZ are incredible! They are super easy and fun to use and I love that they are reusable. Perfect size to just have in your pocket on the go and super easy way to reset them to be used again."

- Patricia B.-

    TIP: Get longer heating times by keeping some HotSnapZ in reserve. Afterall....they're REUSABLE!