Dealer Info & Login

**NOTICE - Due to supply chain issues and increased shipping costs in , we are not accepting new Dealers orders at this time.  

We are very sorry for this situation and regret that current conditions have limited our ability to supply product to our Dealers.

We thank you for your understanding of current conditions and hope for better times and business conditions soon.  

To log into your account, please login under My Account.

Please note that our new online Dealer wholesale ordering page will only be displayed to authorized HotSnapZ Dealers after logging into your personal HotSnapZ customer account.   The Dealer Wholesale Ordering page will then be displayed and available under the Shop Here menu item. (Login is required)

Your HotSnapZ account will also show recent orders, updates and history.  You may bypass this page and directly access account my logging in directly to your HotSnapZ account.

Dealer Program Information

Our HotSnapZ Dealer program is a no cost, no obligation program that allows access to ordering cartons quantities all HotSnapZ products.  HotSnapZ requires no upfront purchases or buy-ins to become a Dealer.

The HotSnapZ Dealer program is best designed for those businesses and individuals who typically sell directly to consumers in face to face transactions.   Dealers are not permitted to sell directly on Amazon, Ebay and other major online shopping outlets, however, may request permission to sell HotSnapZ products on their own business websites.  (Some conditions may apply.)

To learn more on carton quantities, pricing and ordering, we require that you to first fill our out dealer application and also create a HotSnapZ account if you don not have one already established.  (See links below)

How to Become a HotSnapZ Dealer

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out our Dealer Application
  2. Create a HotSnapZ Customer Account (if not already established)
  3. Allow us a few days review the application and we will upgrade your account to Dealer Status.  If we have any questions, one of us will contact you.
If after several business day, you have not received an update, please feel reach out us to check on the your application status.