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HotSnapZ Sodium Acetate Heating Pads

If you have ever wondered about the science behind these reusable heating pads, the following article will explain just how these heating pads work, as well as their many uses and benefits.

How do they work?

HotSnapZ Pocket WarmersIn essence, HotSnapZ sodium acetate heating pads work through a simple chemical reaction, which was discovered in 1978.  The heating pads contain a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate dissolved in water.  Sodium acetate, also abbreviated as NaAc, is a chemical which is safe and is even added to foods sometimes as a preservative and flavoring.

The main action of these heating pads is the process of crystallization, which is incited when you bend a small disc composed of a ferrous metal, which is located in the sodium acetate heating pad. Pressing on this disc releases very small particles of sodium acetate into the solution. These crystal particles are trapped within the slits and microscopic cracks of the metal disc. Snapping the disc, releases these minute crystals which then act as nucleation sites that allow for recrystallization of the remains of the sodium acetate solution.

The beauty of sodium acetate heating pads is that the pad can be reused over and over again simply by immersing the pad in boiling water for 8 to 15 minutes.   Boiling the heating pad redissolves the sodium acetate in the water contained in the pad, and renews the supersaturated solution. This takes place at temperatures 137F (58C) and above.  When the pad has been cooled to room temperature, the process can be started all over again.

What can they be used for?

Sodium acetate heating pads can be used for many activities that you can think of, and for some you may not have thought of!

What are the benefits of these pads?

Sodium acetate hating pads have many advantages to use over other methods of heat delivery, such as electric heating pads, microwave warmers, air-activated heating pads, hot water bottles, and others currently on the market. Some of these advantages are:

Ÿ  Can be used over and over-Totally reusable

ŸŸ  Provides almost instant heat, happening within seconds of activation

Cost effective-pennies per use

Ÿ  Heat to a safe temperature-self regulating & will not exceed set temperature

Ÿ  Safe to sleep on-will not cause burns

Ÿ  Can be cleaned-easily sanitized by the reactivation process

Ÿ  Can be used with a moist towel to provide moist heat

Ÿ  Portable-can be taken anywhere and are lightweight

Ÿ  Provides long-lasting heat-can stay warm up to six hours

Ÿ  No risk of fire, shock, or burns

As can be seen, sodium acetate hating pads can be used any place at any time. They are safe to use and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional heat sources, such as heating pads and air-activated heating pads. They may be used in virtually any situation that may be encountered outdoors, as well as being useful for the treatment of many medical conditions.