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Great hand warmers!

I purchased this set for my wife as she has cold hands when traveling out. She likes the Red circles better as they fit her hands better. The green ones last a bit longer and get warmer but are larger. I will be ordering more of the red ones in the future as we both love them so much. I have been getting about 40min of good heat from them, so having a nice little stock pile is good to have for cold days. At the end of the day, I throw all of them into a pot of boiling water (with a metal strainer to prevent them from touching the bottom--as per instructions) and they are good to go in about 10 min!! The pouches have a very low low odor which is good as my wife does not like things with a plastic smell... This company shipped my order super fast.. 3 days to my door!! The warmers were at my door before Amazon shipped the rest of my order!! Thanks HotSnapZ!!!

Great Product!

Great Product, Perfect. Much better than the electric battery powered gloves I had tried, they did not warm my hands at all. These are great, and I can keep extras in my pocket. Thank You

Takes the edge off the chill when diving in cold water.

Also good on a sore back. You don't have to sit on an electric hot pad. You can move around. Easy to reactivate.

Ours Have Lasted For Years,

I purchased a selection of HotSnapz directly from them at least 4 years ago. Some are small like these and others are quite a bit bigger. We have used them over and over and over without any trouble.

These large ones last for quite awhile (depending on where you put them, in a pocket they will last longer than exposed to the air) 40-50 minutes at least.

They also have small ones that last about 20 minutes or so.

One of the keys to longer lasting warmth is to keep kneading it - first when it is activating and also after it's been in use for a little while.

When you are done using it, it is a solid inside. To reuse it, you need to cook it in boiling water until it is liquid again. Let it cool and when you want to use it again, just click the disk inside and it activates.

I've tried the Little Hotties hand warmers and could never get them to work consistently. I've also tried another brand of reusable warmers like these and they didn't get hot enough.

We've used ours over a hundred times with no issues. The seams have held up, they cook back to liquid and store until you want to use them and have yet to fail us.

We use them at the bottom of a cold bed, for a sore spot that needs heat, for cold hands or feet, or just to warm up the air beneath a blanket on a cold day in the winter. For whatever reason, this little pack of warmth provides a sense of comfort as well, especially to my kids.

I highly recommend this company and their products.

Oh, snap!

The sizes and shapes of these warmers make them perfect for carrying with me. They are well made; the clear vinyl feels very sturdy, and they are easy to recharge/regenerate, For those concerned with value and conservation, HotSnapz reusable warmers are ultimately less expensive than single use warmers, and won't create excess waste for landfills.

Great Product

The product works great, is very simple, and is reliable. It is also a great price. I bought them as a science teacher to show students a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate, and to show an exothermic reaction. The plastic coating is of a quality material, the solution inside is the proper concentration, and it is colored which makes it fun. I have already used and recharged them several times in class, and have had more than one student ask me where to get some after the demonstration.

Exactly what I was looking for

I have used this type of hand warmers in the past, and I loved them. I've been looking for replacements for several years, but they were always too expensive. Finally, I found these at a great price, and bought them, hoping they were not cheaply made knockoffs. I was happy to find that the quality is good, and they work well. I am very happy this this purchase, and would recommend them to anyone who wants a quality hand warmer.

I should mention that due to the nature of these items, they put off quite a bit of heat, but only for about 45 minutes to an hour. After that, they stay slightly warm for about another 30 minutes. If you carry spares, you can just pop another one in your pocket, and stay warm as long as necessary. It was nice that this order is for 8 hand warmers, so it's easy to have spares to last all day.

Great product

Great hand warmers, easy to activate and reset. You can reset them in the microwave but I have about 15 of them and just wait until I use the last one and boil them on the stovetop. Great for cold mornings in the car, cold football games in your gloves, or for shoveling snow!

These work great!

These are very useful for a walk on a cold day, or for snow shoveling. I have a pair of slightly too large mittens, and they do fit inside them, and I can still shovel snow. They are warm instantly on activation, and even on zero degree day, they are toasty for about half an hour and still warm for an hour.

I do wish they were a little smaller, the only reason why I didn't give five stars.

Fantastic, Useful, Reliable

These little things are great for so many uses. I bought eight and then worried I'd bought too many, but I think I'm going to have to buy more. We gave a few to our parents to use for their aches and pains, and then my sister-in-law wanted one or two for her own aches. Now my sister is planning a backpacking trip, and I'm going to have to give her the ones I was saving for my own camping trips.

It's great for hikers, great for people with joint pain, great for so many uses. The order came in only a few days and they really are one of the most useful things I've ever bought.


Hand one to someone and tell them how to trigger it. Watch their expression when it heats up in their hands. Priceless!

Great stocking stuffers!

Great stocking stuffers, but be sure you don't activate one while putting it in! Just a little melted chocolate and a lesson learned.

They Work

Pretty much as advertised. Provide very good heat which stays with you a while. Would be real nice if it stayed hot a little longer but they pretty much do as advertised.

very hot!!!

This product is awesome. My daughter wannted this for chritmas and we are very happy with it. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. We are very happy with this product.

High quality product

I recently purchased several HotSnapZ products because I was looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable hand warmers. These heat up instantly, and maintain their heat for about 30 minutes, then begin to cool. When first activated, the filling is moldable, which allows you to shape it to your body. As the heat is discharged they become more solid, and by the time its cool, its like a little brick. After you recharge them using boiling water, they really do work just as well the second time. The plastic casing is pretty thick, and feels quite durable, but it does have a plasticy odor right out of the packaging. I'm hoping this fades with time, but it's not at all a deal-breaker.

The customer service of the HotSnapZ company is pretty good. I actually purchased mine direct from their website, and used my account to pay. This resulted in my order being lost somewhere in translation, but when I brought this to the attention of the company they resolved everything on the spot!

I would completely recommend this product and company to others.

I Like Hot Snapz!

Purchased these warmer to insert into my mittens while working inside a commercial freezer environment. They do work exactly the way they are intended, but not the way I had hoped. As pocket inserts or as hand warmer in chilly conditions, they work great. Sub-zero temperatures drastically reduce the amount of time Hot Snapz retain their heat. Still trying to find a way to utilize this product in the freezer environment. Have lent them to friends to use when their hands are cold with wonderful results. "Recharging" the Hot Snapz is very simple and can be done while doing other kitchen tasks.

Really good, tips and tricks

I bought one set of these. I was so impressed that a week later I bought another. When I go biking in the cold I put them on my calf and it keeps my toes warm due to the blood passing through my calf to my toes. To make the heat last twice as long, I take the warmers in liquid form and put them in boiling water. Although they are already liquid, they still will absorb heat (conservation of energy). Then I take one edge and place it under cold water to so I can set off the reaction. It will not turn solid instantly since the liquid is still hot, rather it will turn solid as the liquid gradually looses enough heat to turn into the solid phase.

My wife loves these for walking the dog

My wife has cold hands. She uses these while walking the dog in the winter. Just boil these for a few minutes, and they are ready for their next use. Get several of them so you don't have to be constantly boiling water. She puts a metal disk between the bottom of the pot and the hand warmers, so they don't feel the high temperature of the burner. That could melt the plastic.

HotSnapZ heat pads.

I purchased these as additional items to some I'd bought before. These work as well as the identical ones, purchased earlier. They heat up quickly and maintain the heat for a surprisingly long time.

I then boil the pads and they revert back to a liquid/gel state, ready for re-use. I use these pads in an industrial application. I believe that they would work well

in a healthcare situation.

Great handwarmers

These work great. Takes a little time to reset them, but they are lots less expensive than disposable, one-use warmers.

its a miracle

I have given these as a gift and everyone loves them I've had them for about a year and they still work as good as when they were new

Nice portable heat.

These are a great product. Got them for my kids to carry when outside for long periods in the winter. I have always had poor circulation in my hands and once they are cold, they tend to stay that way. I just have to pop one of these into each glove and my hand is warm and toasty in seconds. I love that I can recharge them in hot water and use them over and over again. Make sure not to boil them or they will melt. Found that out the hard way.


I bought these as a gift for a friend of mine that hunts. They work great! The company accidentally sent me someone else's order first. They sent the correct order right away and let me keep the wrong one. Now I have some for myself! These are perfect for the cold northeast winter.


Love love love these! I take a couple sets to stick in my pockets when going skiing. I would recommend these to anyone!

happy wife

I purchased these for my wife who works in a cold environment. She loves them and could no longer live without them. The reliability is good since we have had them for a few months and she uses them at least 4 times a week. Do Not microwave them. It works but they wont last long.

Why did I wait so long to buy these???

Wonderful! They keep warm for about an hour and that is all I need. Love that I can reuse these over and over again.

These things are great!

These are really good for snow days! They get fairly warm, but not too hot. They definitely won't burn you. The heat lasts for quite a while. Super easy to recharge.

HotSnapZ pocket warmers

I cycle to work and my feet are always cold. When the temperature is in the mid 30s or lower I strap one to each ankle under socks and legwarmers the theory being, that they will warm the blood flowing to my feet. So far It is the best solution I have come up with and I continue to ride as we move towards December.


I seen theses when i was on christmas break at the mall but they didnt have any singles they were sold out. So I thought i would try and find them on the internet and i found these. they are a little bigger than i thought they would be. But they really work good. Easy to use it is just amazing to me that you can boil them and they go back to there liquid form amazing. A very good idea i might have to get more..

Works for me in Massachusetts

These do what I expected them to do. Can slip them into a slightly bigger pair of mittens or my pockets no problem. Keep a set in the car for when I get done clearing snow off the windshield while I'm waiting for the car to heat up.

awesome buy

so buying these i was skeptical but after receiving them i am happy

4 large reusable heating pads. its just great i love them thanks and they are brand new too not used so i am pleased

Warm without waste

I first saw this product at an outdoor winter evening holiday event in Colorado. These warmers made that event much more comfortable! The fact that they are renewable, unlike the charcoal warmers, really appealed to me. I've used them many times and given them as gifts.

The best heater on the market!!

I have been using HotSnapz for over 4 years now, and I fully believe that HotSnapz are the best body warmers on the market. I originally bought some in 2008 simply for the novelty of the item. I found them cool and interesting.

The amount of heat they produce is simply astounding. These are nothing like the disposable hand warmers that you can but at most stores. These throw out the heat, and if you keep them in a well insulated pocket or jacket, they will continue to give off warmth for a few hours.

The only issue that I have with them relates to the longevity after about a year or two. I noticed that my older heaters would still have crystals in them even after I would recharge them via the boiling method. No matter how long I boiled them, the crystals won't go away. But this does not appear to affect the heat output of the HotSnapz.

This is a great product.

works great

This item works just as advertized. Great warmth for my injured back. I recommend this item for people who need instant warmth for any part of ur body.

Warmers are nice.

We haven't used these for long, but they work as advertised. It's a plus that there are two of all sizes. We keep one set in the car for travel and the other set at home.

Made All The Difference!!

I purchased the HotSnapZ for use camping and more specifically for scuba diving in the North West, where the water averages around 45 degrees F year round. I went diving and placed one of the large heat packs under my wet suit and over my rash guard. The HotSnapZ worked flawlessly and stayed warm for at least 30 minutes underwater, which kept my core warm and kept the dive enjoyable. It's hard to enjoy a dive when you are freezing! I used the second large heat pack afterwards to warm me back up as the outside temp was not much greater than the water. These will be used again and again on all sorts of outdoor adventures. I love the variety pack and it is for a great price.

Great product

I've used this type of product for years but the place I was getting them is no longer available, Very glad to have found them at Amazon and look forward to using them.

They work well to keep your hands warm and the large size is good for those times you need to relax after a little to much work. I would recommend them highly

Great item

Works great, not only does this heat your back to soothe aching muscles, but when it is swolen from the hardened crytals, the pack provides a support, to cushion the back, like wearing a pillow on your back. Excellent product. It fixed my back! Punch the middle of the silver coin in the pack, and then pop it back out a few times, to get the crytals started, sort of like punching the lid on the top of a jar to relieve some presure so that you can open it!

Takes the edge off the chill when diving in cold water.

Also good on a sore back. You don't have to sit on an electric hot pad. You can move around. Easy to reactivate.

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  • awesome product!
  • Awesome product. Quick secure shipping. Very pleased. Ever think a making some type of little fabric pouch to put warmer in when activated? I would of bought them too.
  • Because of the problem I have with cold hands (Reynaud's), having more than one hand warmer is really important to me and HotSnapz is priced reasonably enough that I can do so. I also plan to give some as gifts to friends.
  • easy and fast -- cannot ask for anything else
  • easy product selection and checkout
  • good products - used by scuba divers to keep warm
  • Great clean website, user friendly, I'm excited to get my product!
  • Great product! The ability to reuse the product makes it a great selling point.
  • Great product. Functional on cold days in the field or at the kids' outdoor sporting events.
  • Have had these in the past. Love them and glad I found this website to order gifts for Christmas
  • HotSnapZ appears to be the best option for general retail of reuseable hand warmers. Only other alternatives appeared to be for whole sale market.
  • HotSnapz are going to get used while kayaking in the winter! Im so excited - i got 3 sets! Pricing was great and i love the design and colors! oh, and exothermic reactions with supersaturated fluids are cool.
  • HotSnapZ are in my car at all times. I suffer from Reynaud's disease, which affects the circulation in my hands and feet whenever it is coldoutside. HotSnapZ enable me to continue my activities during the winter, confident that, if I have car trouble, my hands and feet will stay warm while I wait for AAA.
  • I am a wholesale customer of We are very pleased with the product.
  • I am always cold at work and have to type it is nice to have these in the pocket of my sweatshirt it serves dual purpose, keeps me warm and allows me to get my hands warm between transmissions
  • I am excited to get these products
  • I am glad I found you.
  • I am thrilled with HotSnapz they work every time and I love the way they are reusable. My clients love the warmth and good feeling they receive when they use HotSnapz.
  • I have used hot snapz in the past and could not believe how hot and how fast they worked. I.m getting these for my son and grandson who work outdoors.
  • I loved the specials!
  • I love the hand warmers and used them daily.
  • i love them
  • I love these- helps us in all outdoor activities from kids at the bus stop to skiing. Thanks!
  • I order from for xmas gifts for my coworkers. This is the second time i have ordered from hotsnapz and am 100% happy with their service and product
  • I remember a demonstration at the mall once when with my mother but have never been able to find the exact product that was only display and being demonstrated by the representative, good thing for the internet and google lol I was able to find just what I was looking for!!!!!
  • I ride a scooter to work daily, and i put HotSnapZ in my gloves and it works great!
  • I've been looking for something like this for some time and the online reviews led me to you. Use of the site and checkout was clear and easy to use. Looking forward to trying out the product!
  • I've look for my items on other sites and this site was the best
  • Looking forward to trying a product that specifically mentions my condition: Raynaud's Phenomenon.
  • Loved them in the past, so I'm ordering more for xmas presents this year!
  • most amazing heating device on the market today
  • new generation product
  • Reasonalbe price marketing, Kudos!
  • Repeat customer completely satisfied
  • The Big "Outdoor" stores need to start carrying your hand warmers!
  • The package deal is a great one--definitely one that caused me to buy!
  • They were much more affordable than other competitors.
  • This is a product that can be used in many ways. This can be a health product for muscle relaxation, sporting goods for warmth during out door activity, Medical/Emergency, especially in the north where people may need to be heated up quicly, and for people who work outside in extreme temps.
  • This is an excellent value as it's a great product that is REASONABLY priced with uses in lots of situations, very good durability. I purchase some every year as it's a great gift that I can afford to give in tough times.
  • This is my first order. Website was easy to navigate and online ordering was very simple. Thanks.
  • This is the second time I have bought these and have recommended them to other hunters. These are hand savers. I used them hunting in Idaho this year and they work great. I would recommend these to any outdoors man.
  • This site was so easy to use, No problems at all! great website.
  • Very nice shopping experience. I work in retail in TX and our cart pushers' hands get extremely cold in the winter. I hope this will help them. I used a similar product many years ago when I fished in January. It's a necessity.
  • We learned about this product from my daughter and loved it. My daughter will be going on a long hike and is taking them with her. So we ordered our own.
  • What a great discovery. I am an avid outdoors person and have had great satifaction with HotsnapsZ
  • Whole family Loves this product. Easy ordering and quick delivery.
  • Purchased HotsnapZ from a vendor. They work great. my present purchase will given as gifts.
  • A friend turned me on to HotSnapZ, they are great!
  • After a full day of online and mall shopping I found that you guys had the best prices and the best deals. I liked your shipping options and that the cheapest shipping payment was still fast.
  • As a kindney patient I have tested this product an have found it helps keep patients warm durning treatment
  • Bought a variety pack last year and liked them so much, I wanted to have more so I don't have to boil them every day.
  • Bought this brand, then bought another brand. The other brand, didn't ship well. Bought more HotSnapZ hand warmers today.
  • Great price and specials offer!
  • Great product! Love it and came back for more!
  • Great products. Wish hotsnapz were available in local store to avoid the shipping charges.
  • HotSnapZ are simply the greatest! Warmth at the click of...well...a button! I buy these for my wife. Minnesota nights can tend to be chilly and taking a HotSnapZ to bed makes the difference!
  • My daughter bought the Wonder Warmers, and you guys had a better deal for the heart shaped items. Everything else looked the same, so I went with HotSnapZ
  • I am looking forward to using this product. I know that I will getthe results that I am looking for.
  • I am very happy with this product.
  • I first encountered your product almost 10 years ago. The hand warmer lasted a lot longer than expected (about 50+ uses). My hands have been getting cold quite easily lately, so I decided toorder more of this wonder product. Thank you.
  • I had been looking for these reusable hand warmers and found your site on Google. These will keep my grandmother-in-law very happy (and warm :) )
  • I had the product before and i loved it, i think is the best so far in the market, i believed if everyone try it just once they would not search for other products, because this is simply the best one.
  • I have ordered from HotSnapZ before and received a partially incorrect order. I called and was very pleased with the customer service. I received the correction to the order in a few days and was aloowed to keep the miss shipment. Very friendly on the phone!
  • I like the value of the product that I purchased.
  • I liked the hotspapz reusuable hand warmers and am anxious to try them. Did love the coupon I received and that made the difference on my purchasing and trying these from your company. Thanks.
  • I look forward to receiving my order and hope the product is everything they claim. Happy with the ease of ordering and the coupon for a discount, free shipping for purchasing over $50, and the buy three get three free sale!
  • I love hotsnaps. My son has raynauds disease and living in Canada this product is wonderful. I find the red smaller ones lose the heat quickly, but the 3x5 inch ones last much longer and cover a greater surface on the hand.
  • I really love your product! I have suggested it to many people and I know that at least 6 families have ordered your product due to my recommendation!!! I love this product.
  • I saw your product at physical therapy and I have to have it at home!
  • I was in quite a state trying to get this order completes but the folks at HotSnapz worked with me to get it done. I really appreciate that.
  • I was looking for hand warmers. By far the easiest site to navigate. Made purchase in record time. Will return for similar products.
  • It's great that they can reach the temperature of an electric heating pad without the cord. I got 6 of these previously for nerve pain and gave 2 away to a friend for leg pain due to metal in her knee and she was thrilled too.
  • Just trying the product. IF it is as good as I hope, they will have a repeat buyer.
  • Like to use any of your coupons, free shipping offers, and specials! Keep them coming!I will enroll in the affiliate program - can refer others from my massage practice. Also I tend to have cold hands and think this will be great to warm my own hands before touching a massage client.
  • Looks like a nice gift for cold climate zones
  • Love the product
  • My mother-in-law showed me your reusable hand warmers today and I liked them so much I had to buy some! It's a great idea. I usually spend a fortune on the regular hand warmers every winter so thank you so much!
  • Nicely laid out site, easy to use, compelling ads, easy throughout.
  • Ordering online was difficult linking on from your email. Getting on from Firefox was easier. I never got a call back from my inquiry about being a distributor a few months back. I love your product and will continue to contact you.
  • Saw a product like these at a convention in LA a couple months ago. they were a little pricy. they were super cheap on your site, and bought quite a few. planning on using them on my new job. climbing towers (the most dangerous job in n america
  • The website was clear and understandable.The product and specials are very nice.
  • There is no way to purchase different products on the same order. Meaning there is no Continue shopping button to do so.
  • These are the Bomb!
  • This looks like a great product. The information and videos on the web site were great. I'm eager to try them. I'm planning to give them as gifts this winter.
  • Unique products.
  • Use these for my Chameleons while transporting them to the vet. my vet Likes them might order for office later.
  • Very easy website to use! Will definitely be back to for future purchases!
  • very efficient website. i liked teh buy one get one options.
  • Very fast.
  • We use HotSnapZ reusable hand warmers for our research project in Antarctica, and they work exceptionally well!
  • Your product is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!