REUSABLE Hand Warmers & Heat Packs

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Damage Report Form

If you have received damaged product...We are very sorry this has happened!

On rare occassions your order may have arrived to only find that the product has been damaged during shipping. We are very sorry if this has happened and we take such reports seriously.

We know how disappointing this can be and we will make every best effort to respond and ship replacements for all legitimate damage claims. There is a 30 day window for us to work in once your order is received, so please contact us with your claim as soon as possible.

Damage Report Form
Please drop us a note here regarding product damage or quality issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible. To save the time, energy and expense of making a return, please be prepared to email a photo of the product damage.


In contacting us here, please provide your contact information. Once we respond, please be prepared to send us a photo of the damaged item(s) via email. We will provide the proper email in our reponse or you may send photos to the email address included on your invoice.

**We regret that due to increasing Spam sent to HotSnapZ, we do not publically list our email address here in the effort to keep spam to a minimum. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.